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Join the ultimate STEM playground where young gamers evolve into game developers.

Theodore (11)
Michael (13)
Anastasia (12)
Christopher (11)
Max (13)
Tommy (9)
Margot (10)
Theodore (11)
Michael (13)
Anastasia (12)
Christopher (11)
Max (13)
Tommy (9)
Margot (10)


Your After-School STEM Playground

Game Creators Club is a virtual after-school program that teaches kids how to design, code, and publish their own video games.

Our program is designed for kids ages 8-18 and is perfect for beginners and experienced young game developers alike.


What is the Game Creators Club?

One place to learn, create, and share your games

Game Creators Club an iPad and Android app. It is a safe and engaging platform where young gamers can learn the basics of game development, create their own games, and share them with friends and family.

What's included?

The QuickGame Editor

The QuickGame editor is a powerful tool that combines the best elements of Roblox and Minecraft

It's easy to use with no prior experience, and it's a great way to learn STEM skills

It's powerful enough to make any game you can imagine, and it's the perfect tool for kids to learn coding and game development


Why choose the Game Creators Club?

Focus on STEM

We focus on real Engineering skills that are in demand in the industry. We teach them real world problem solving skills while having real fun.

Publish Games

Your young gamer will publish their own games that they can share and play with their friends on their phones, tablets, or chromebooks. Students are proud of their work and love to show it off.

Expert Led

Workshops, tutorials, challenges, and community features help students at every skill level become more confident and capable programmers.

Track Their Progress

Track your young game developer progress with our parent dashboard. Play their games, see their achievements and watch them grow.


New Coders


Games Created


Hours of Classes

Join the club now!

Game creators club has helped over hundreds of young game developers to learn and grow.

We offer a transparent monthly price that covers everything our learning platform has to offer, with no hidden costs or transaction fees.

What they’ll get

  • Access to the QuickGame Platform
  • Access to the Creators Club Community
  • Access to the hours of tutorials
  • Access to show and tell their games
  • Participate in monthly GameJams competitions
  • Personalized avatars
  • Parent dashboard for tracking


Enjoy all the benefits of the Club Member plan with guided group classes by our game developer teachers.

Money back guarantee.

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Game Creators Club contributes 5% of every payment to scholarship programs for future students in need.

Available on iPads and Android Tablets

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Testimonials from our students

See what they have to say about us

I Make My Own Games!

I love games so much, and now I get to make them myself! It’s like magic—my ideas turn into real games. Game Creators Club is the best because I get to play and make fun stuff every day!


Student - 8yr

It's Not Just Playing, It's Making!

At Game Creators Club, I don’t just play games—I make them! I learned how to code, and now I can even help my friends with their games. We have so much fun creating things together!


Student - 10yr

Every Day is a New Puzzle!

I really like how Game Creators Club makes me think. Every day there’s something new to figure out, and it’s super fun. The competitions are the best part—they really show me what I can do!


Student - 11yr

I Can Create Anything!

This club lets me make whatever I imagine! The teachers are really nice and always help me try new things. I feel like everyone here believes I can do great stuff, and that makes me happy!


Student - 10yr

What the others get wrong

The landscape of young software education and game building is broken, and we’re here to fix it.

Ugly & boring results

Most game development tools are too complicated for kids, leading to ugly, unplayable, unsharable games.

Scary community

Unmoderated communities can be a scary place for kids. They’re full of bullies and predators, and it’s impossible to find help.

Not age appropriate

It's important for kids to have age-appropriate content as exposing them to adult themes can be harmful.

No support for parents

Parents need to be involved in their child's progress and learning, but most platforms don't provide the tools to do so.

Join theclubmade for young gamers

Fuel their passion for games and help them to learn and grow.


What is game development?

Game development is the craft of creating video games, encompassing everything from concept and story creation to coding and design. It's a fantastic way to learn real-world skills like programming, artistic design, and project management, all while having fun.

What devices does Game Creators Club support?

The Game Creators Club is available on the iPad and Android tablets. The games can be played on any device with a web browser, including iPads, Chromebooks, and computers. No downloads or installs are required, making it easy to access and enjoy from anywhere.

Is Game Creators Club safe?

Absolutely! Game Creators Club is a fully enclosed environment, prioritizing the safety and privacy of its users, especially children. We implement strict safety measures and continuously monitor our platform to ensure a secure and positive experience.

What ages is Game Creators Club suitable for?

Game Creators Club is primarily designed for young gamers aged 8 to 18.

Can I learn coding in the Game Creators Club?

Absolutely! The QuickGame platform is an excellent tool for learning coding. Starting with basic drag-and-drop functions, users can progressively advance to more complex coding concepts, using languages like JavaScript. It's ideal for beginners and budding coders alike.

Can I share the games I create?

Definitely! QuickGame allows you to easily share your creations with friends and family. You can send them a link to your game, which they can play for free, without needing an account or any special software.

I still have questions, can I contact you?

Of course! If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help and provide you with the information you need.

Join theclubyoung game developers.

Fuel their passion for games and help them to learn and grow.

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